The story of Animated CLERKS is one of tragedy.  Highly anticipated by Kevin Smith fans across the nation, CLERKS was due to air on ABC (whoda thunk?) in Spring of 2000.  For some reason that defies all notions of common sense, the test audience of CLERKS consisted of elderly men and women who were expecting a dramatic series from ABC.  What they got instead was another masterpiece from the brilliant, but unconventional, mind who gave anti-pop culture the classic CLERKS (the movie), Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and now Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back: Kevin Smith.  Needless to say, the test audience did not give a very good review of Animated CLERKS.  That, plus studio execs under the command of a politically correct corporation known as Disney, caused Animated CLERKS to have a very short run of 6 episodes, only two of which ever aired.
Animated CLERKS reunites our favorite cult characters from the motion picture, each voiced by the actor who originally played them.  The witty and outrageous Randal continues his unwavering domination over the RST Video.  When he isn't harassing his customers he's harassing fellow clerk and comrade, Dante, who works at the neighboring Quick Stop, and who continues to be called into work on his days off.  And of course, what work of Kevin Smith would be complete without the "loveable" Jay & Silent Bob, who are peddling their tv-appropriate wares.  Together, they must battle the forces of consumer ignorance, Jay's stupidity and Randal's hillarious hijinks for the sake of surviving just another day at work.