Episode #3

"Leonardo is Caught in the Grip of an Outbreak of Randal's Imagination & Patrick Swayze Either Does or Doesn't Work  in the New Pet Store"
Nothing Can Kill the Grimmace
Episode #3 was meant to air after Episode #2 and was even listed in several television listings.  Sadly, it never did.  Episode #2 begins with the introduction of Lando, Kevin Smith's tribute to the "greatest" of the Star Wars Movies and the voice of Black reason on the show.  We also see Patrick Swayze, aptly voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, working in a pet store that just moved in next to RST Video.  The implication:  Patrick Swayze has had no work since Dirty Dancing.
Jay & Silent Bob want to teach the monkey in the pet store how to smoke.  But Randal is certain that the monkey is infected with the Motaba virus just like that... uh... Hustin Doffman movie.  ;-)  So when the monkey bites Leonardo Leonardo and he becomes sick, Randal notifies CDC.  Of course Leonardo Leonardo had also eaten a burrito that had been sitting in the sun for hours just after being bitten, but Randal does not recall that.
One of the best jokes from this episode is the McDonald's characters.  When the mayor addresses the citizens of Leonardo, he is dressed as Mayor McCheese, telling them that he was on his way to a costume party and the zipper got stuck.  Later, Leonardo's constable takes the podium dressed as Big Mac.  So the team decided that the mayor of Leonardo would always be on his way to a costume party before rushing to the press conference.  McDonald's collaborated with the CLERKS team by not only giving them permission to use their characters but even giving them character designs as well.  They sold the "Nothing can kill the Grimmace" line with assurances to McDonald's that the message was simply that the Grimmace was so powerful and so strong.
When the government decides to nuke the entire town of Leonardo, Dante & Randal intercept the bomber in a chopper.  While Dante tries to keep them from bombing the town, Randal interjects that Dante's also gay.  When it becomes obvious to Dante that the pilot will only disobey orders if he admits to being gay, Dante states over a broadcasted frequency that he is a homosexual.  But, in the end, the town of Leonardo is spared by a brave, gay man.