Quotes of Eternal Associative Infamy:
13 Dec '04:
Sculldog443: hey, LET'S GO TO TIJUANA!!!!
bobbyny98: i dont think so
bobbyny98: after watching the OC
bobbyny98: unless im able to get drunk at some bar and pass out in an alley and let three dirty mexicans violate me
bobbyny98: otherwise its just a waste of a trip
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bobbyny98:  I want my computer to make the sound of a yetti.....lllurururlrrururrlrl
Sculldog443: that's a pretty decent phoenetic rendering of  a yetti sound
bobbyny98: yea, ive been mastering it
bobbyny98: i dont even know what a yetti is
bobbyny98: virtual insanity
Sculldog443: there's nothing virtual about my insanity
14 Dec '04:
From RyAn RoX 8 6's (My XO) Profile:

15 Dec '04:
ESUTBO23: i can't wait for christmas to get here
ESUTBO23: but it needs to snow because if its not a white christmas im going to be very angry
Sculldog443: uh oh
Sculldog443: cuz when you get angry.... ho boy!
ESUTBO23: hahaha
ESUTBO23: yeah riiight
NYRBry98: blairs buying himself a digital camera for christmas
NYRBry98: hotsauce central
NYRBry98: i revoke his right to make fun of jay
NYRBry98: he should make fun of himself
17 Dec '04:
Auto response from joshfaustino: on a quest for a shitter

Bryant: Oh, mighty crouton, how I have longed for you!

Bryant: Scully's place has become a regular pump fest!
Me: It has NOT!!!  Well, there was that one time... But that doesn't really count!
20 Dec '04:
Jet Jockey03 (1:28:41 AM): hahaha!!! the last person you hugged was Capt Sorokin... you slay me
29 Dec '04:
Bryant: Well, I've finished the 'B'.  Who's gonna work on the 'O'.
Lisa:  You guys are gross.
Bryant:  You wanna work on the 'O'?
Lisa:  Yeah, I'm gonna walk around in a squat and make the 'O'.
Me:  Yeah, you'll be like an inkjet printer.

Me:  Awwwwwww, isn't that cute?  Someone's got a FUZZY CHIN!!!
31 Dec '04:
Auto response from ESUTBO23: Sculldog443: i'd like me an entire table made of cheddar cheese :-D
~i asked what people wanted to eat tonight and thats what i got......somebody is going to be pooping an aweful lot if they eat that much cheese :-X......
03 Jan '05:
Auto response from ESUTBO23: ...poop on today!
Sculldog443: Very well then, I shall do exactly that.

Jay:  Pay to the Order of... Me?  He wrote a check to himself?  Somebody's a retard.
09 Jan '05:
Me: Nubby wubby bubble butt?
Bryant:  Stinky Slimy Love Juice Slut!
Me:  WTF?
10 Jan '05:
Sculldog443: oh please
Sculldog443:  of course the Pentagon could've lost the files
Sculldog443:  they've lost ENTIRE COUNTRIES after all!
12 Jan '05:
Sculldog443: Oh, look!  He left you a voicemail.  Wasn't that nice of him?
NYRBry98: I wouldn't leave that kid a pile of dog shit!

NYRBry98:  Mama said there'd be dumps like this.
05 Jan '05:
ESUTBO23:  if you are going to spew...spew into this
ESUTBO23:  im pretending to hold up a little dixie cup :-P
13 Jan '05:
Jay:  She's his daughter!
Matt:  No, she's her daughter.
Bob:  And that's her black husband and those are all their love children.  It's like a package of oreos!
Jay:  Jesus Christ, Bob!
Bob:  They've just been driving around in their submarine pumping 'em out underwater.
15 Jan '05:
From h e M M a G's Profile:
"Always be wise about your investments. Your most important investment is your time. Any companionship or sexual act can ultimately be paid for but it's a true connection that is irreplacable. Never invest time where it is not worthy - and always look at eyes... because eyes never lie, and they never change."
06 Dec '04:
Auto response from NYRBry98: first celine dion sings an ac/dc song......and now some hotdog rapper is butchering crazy train.  Enough is Enough
17 Feb '05:
NYRBry98:  ever write a hebbian learning program?
HeartOfTheTiger8:  a lesbian learning program?
NYRBry98:  hebb learning
NYRBry98:  its evil
NYRBry98:  i think i'm gonna hire a tutor
NYRBry98:  to get through this semester
HeartOfTheTiger8:  hire a lesbian
16 Jan '05:
<+Azuriel> you had bad sex with a virgin guy?
<+DarC^> ...that gives me bad flashbacks...
<+DarC^> thats....god, that annoyed me

<Lacus|> well, it's a good thing Stellar had to blurt out sumthing about condoms ++
<Psycho_Stellar> * hugging penis *
17 Jan '05:
<Deacon_Blues> i taught my mom to say "i licked a donkeys ass" in jap. and to say it at work, she did
and was horrified
<Deacon_Blues> i was ROFLing.
<Deacon_Blues> then she kicked me in the nuts. >.<
24 Jan '05:
Baker: We need to get more corndogs before Thomas gets mad.  'Cuz there's nothing more dangerous than an
angry Ninja!
27 Jan '05:
Julie:  For some reason my groin is really sore today.

Gauld:  ...without ending up castrated from society.

Dan:  I'll give YOU and evil platypus.

Emmy:  Why did you leave your towell at my place?  I gave you a towell to use this morning!
Me: I know you did and I appreciated it very much. But... your towells are so small and... I'm so very big.
Me:  People who can't handle a self-reference paradox are such suckers!

Elliott: Sir, do you own a pair of spurs?
Capt Szucs: Cadet Elliott, don't come near me for the rest of the year.

Me:  Don't worry about me, my pants are filled with granola!
18 Feb '05:
Tommy:  You need a vanity plate, dude!  It's a symbol of your individuality, your self-image!
Me:  MRASS?  That's the symbol of your individuality???  That's the manifestation of your self-
image???  That's how you want people on the road, your friends, your family to think of you??? 
As Mister Ass???
21 Feb '05:
Emmy:  I know, I'm a pain... I'm a worrier.  Deal with it!
24 Feb '05:
Capt Szucs:  That's why I'm not a good recruiter.  'Cuz I'd never try to get you cadets to be something that you don't really wanna be.  I don't want to be sitting in the O-Club ten years from now and in staggers a drunk Captain Scully swaggerin' about goin', "AaaaYayayayyyaaa... i'M GOnNA kILl THe prIcK ThAT tOLd mE tO bE A pIlOT iF i EVeR sEe hIM agAiN.  hEy, wAiT... tHErE He iS OveR ThERe!!!"
Brendan:  Our squadron should be called 'The Winky One-Eyed Worms'.
Me:  WHAT???!!!
Julie:  And what, exactly, would you put on your shield?
Brendan:  I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking before I said that.
Dan:  Does anyone have any Chapstick?
Tracy:  Ummmm... no... but I've got chapped nipple cream.  It's basically the same thing.
Dan:  Okaaaaaaaaay... (applies nipple cream to lips)
Matt:  Well, that's one way to apply it!