Matt Groening scores again with the greatest animated, futuristic farce of all time.  Futurama takes the social and political commentary of today and throws it into the far off future with hilarious results.  The hysterical characters, only Groening himself could create, make every episode enjoyable.
Fry is a loveable halfwit who was cryogenically frozen in the year 2000 and didn't get thawed out until Dec. 31 2999.  Needless to say that everyone he knew was dead and buried (not that he cared) so he took up employment with his very great-grand nephew Dr. Farnsworth who run Planet Express.  Fry's best friend in the 31st century is the bending robot Bender and he has a crush on the lovely cycloptic alien Leela.

Favorite Quote: "That's a stupid animal.  You're stupid. I said I want the
best one."
The lovely alien Leela is more often than not the voice of reason on the show.  Once a security officer, she went renegade when one of the other officers made fun of her nose.  She, Fry, and Bender joined Planet Express where she was made captain by the senile Dr. Farnsworth.  Since then she's built quite a reputation for herself being bossy and sleeping with Zap Branegen.  Her only weakness are cuddly cute things like Nibbler and penguins.

Favorite Quote: "No offense Fry, but you're turning into a fat sack of crap."
Quite possibly the funniest character on the show, Bender is obnoxious, bad tempered, and cruel.  So of course its hard not to love him.  Like all robots in the 31st century, Bender needs liquor, and lots of it, to keep going.  Why he smokes, however, is a mystery.  Bender does manage to stay on good terms with the rest of the crew most of the time though.  Whether he's dumping oil on a penguin preserve on Pluto, or trying to escape from Robot Hell, Bender always offers deliciously evil humor.

Favorite Quote: "Lick my frozen metal ass!"
Like all senile old men, Professor Farnsworth is hysterical.  Almost every sentance out of is mouth is a contradiction.  A babbling genius well ahead of his time, Farnsworth is often very offensive even when he's not trying to be.  The senseless drivel that comes out of his mouth comes right out of left field.  Professor Farnsworth owns and operates Planet Express delivery, and one gets the feeling that he's lost dozens, if not hundreds, of workers to the unknown perils of 31st century outer space.  But that doesn't really seem to bother him all that much.

Most Often Used Quote: "Good news everyone!"
Favorite Quote: "Who are those horrible orange creatures over there?! 
Tell them I hate them!"
Dr. Zoidberg is an alien monster who is a master of human anatomy.  Actually, dosen't know anything about human beings or much of anything else.  He is pretty much the loser of the group, and they make no effort to hide that from him.  Zoidberg's species' mating ritual, known as "The Frenzy" occurs every some-odd years on his home world.  But after they pass on their 'genetic material' they die a horrible gruesome death.  His species is also responsible for the extinction of the anchovie when they first arrived on Earth in the 27th century.  Zoidberg's innocence and naivety make him an integral part of the show. 

Favorite Quote: "Fry!!!  I challenge you to Claw'plagth!!! *clip* *clip* *clip*"
Amy is a spoiled, rich girl trying to make it on her own in the American work force with financial help from her trillionare parents.  Amy is an unwitting rival of Leela's, often for the affection of Fry.  In fact, Amy and Fry did date for one Valentine's Day episode, but broke up because Amy was getting to serious (she was talking about "hanging out" with Fry).  She also had a brief romantic fling with Zapp's first mate, Kif.

Favorite Quote: "Fluh!"
Hermes is Planet Express' local Bureaucrat.  His job beyond stamping requisition forms is beyond me.  Hermes once competed in the 2980 Olympic limbo competition where a young fan ran onto the field, tried to limbo under the limbo stick, and broke his back.  Hermes swore he'd never limbo again until an accident aboard the luxary cruiser Titantic forced him to.

Most Often Used Phrase: "Great something of somewhere!"
Favorite Quote: "Up yours Zoidberg!  Up where ever your species traditionally
crams things!"
Lord Nibbler is a high ranking official of a super-intelligent alien race that has existed since the beginning of the universe.  Their mission: to protect sentient life from extermination by the evil Brainspawn.  Nibbler is the emissary sent to earth to watch for Brainspawn activity.  But to the members of Planet Express, he's just an incomprehensible, fuzzy, cuddley eating machine.  Once, the Brainspawn did arrive on earth and began sucking the intelligence from its residents.  With the help of Leela and Fry, Nibbler was able to defeat the Brainspawn, however, the inhabitants of Earth were left with no memories of the incident except for Fry who nobody believed.

Favorite Quote: "And so life returned to normal, or as normal as it gets on this primitive dirt ball inhabited by psychotic apes."
Walt, Larry, and Ignar, are the three sons of Mom.  Completely and totally dominated by their mother, they are her eyes, ears, and tools of whatever scheme she may think up.  The only one with any intelligence, however, is Walt.  Larry is a doofus.  And Ignar is a complete three-year-old.  They are, for the most part, incompetant and can never seem to please their mother.

Favorite Quote: "Someday, I want to marry a girl like mom."- Walt
The man who valiantly slew the pacifists of the Ghandi Nebula, Captain Zapp Brandegon is the prime definition of a blowhart.  A total sex hound, completely obsesed with his own looks, Zapp jumps from one campaign to another ruining each one.  At one point, he even blew up D.O.O.P. Headquarters while trying to cut the ceremonial ribbon with ship's laser (D.O.O.P. is the 31st century equivilant to the United Nations).  Unwittingly tagging along for each disaster is Zapp's first mate, Kif Kroker.  Poor Kif is placed in the terrible position of having to endure Zapp's stupidity on a daily basis.

Favorite Zapp Quote: "Stop exploding, you cowards!!!"
Favorite Kiff Quote: "He actually made me shave his armpits."

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