Links to some of my favorite websites and some of my acquiantences' own personal webpages.
<<< Jay's ueber-cool graphic designs.  Needs to be updated though!
Get your Kevin Smith merchandise right from the man himself.  Autographed DVD's, t-shirts, and much more. Snoogins!
The best town in America!  We know where it is!  Do you?
The Only Station That Really Rocks!!!
United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Det #115, serving Connecticut & Rhode Island.  AIR POWER!!!
There's No Reason to be Bored on Sunday Nights!
That's all I can think of right now.  Oh well.
MD Forever!!!  CD's are inferior!!!
Boldly Go...
Our Last Best Hope...
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A Special Kind of Humor for Special People
Foamy the Squirrel of FLASHness Lives Here.  I Like Squirrels.
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He has many names:  NYRBRY98, Iron Bull, Gringo, Mister FlabbyBottom, The Champion.  I just wish he had as many photos as he does nicknames.  MORE PHOTOS!!!
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