Welcome to....
The Island of the Misfits!!!
...where our motto is: "Ignorance is bliss.  Have all you wish!"  Whether you are seeking permanent residence our are just stopping by for a visit, you can expect to be welcomed by our happy, shiny inhabitants.  Here on the island, we like you no matter your personality flaws and you can expect to have your way, no matter what.  We live only to accomidate your desires, because you are a special individual.
If you exhibit any of the following traits, you may be a PERFECT prospective citizen of our wonderful island:

1)You feel the need to violently assert your individuality.  After all, what's the point of being an individual if other people don't consider you one?

2)You use illegal drugs.  Here on the island, we don't burden you with the larger moral issues of obeying the laws of a democratic republic.  If you want to ingest something for your own self-satisfying purposes, then that's enough for us.

3)You enjoy discussing topics & issues that you have done absolutely NO research on, whatsoever.  We believe that people should be permitted to freely spread their uneducated facts that are based soley on assumptions and lies.

4)You pride yourself on being INDEPENDENT!!!

5)You don't like to make toys.

6)You like to park your car in the middle of the street.  After all, you're special and unique.  Why shouldn't you be able to park anywhere you wish?
Last Updated: October 21, 2006